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Hey There
March 26, 2010

Wanted to let you know that Part 1 of our LA adventure is posted on the blog. You aren't specifically mentioned in this one, but you will be in Friday's when I talk about individual inventors. But read today's Blog post as I'm sure you'll enjoy. Also, see the attached story and video that appeared on AOL today.

Are you America's Next Top Inventor?
March 26, 2010

Have you ever thought you had a great idea for an invention, but didn't know who to tell? Consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman found a way to let your voice be heard. [more...]

California Tripin'... Part 2: Life's A Pitch And Then You Buy
March 12, 2010

Michelle Reuven has the Hair Therapy Wrap. AJ and I may not have been excited by this "women's" product, but the ladies on the panel lit up like it was Christmas. It's thermal gel packs wrapped inside a kind of Turbie Twist looking thing that you place in the microwave and it creates hot, moist therapy for your hair and scalp. Pretty clever. [more...]

The "American Idol" Showdown Of The Next "As Seen On TV" Stars
March 9, 2010

The late Billy Mays said it best: "Life's a pitch. Then you buy." That's why more than 30 inventors from around the country came to the LAX Marriott last week to pitch their ideas to Infomercial King A.J. Khubani, founder and CEO of Telebrands Corp. -- the direct-to-consumer marketing giant that has made the "As Seen on TV" logo ubiquitous, and turned gizmos as unlikely as the Ped Egg and the Windshield Wonder into million dollar household names. [more...]

Hair Therapy Wrap at Inventors Day
March 4, 2010

Michelle Reuven and the Hair Therapy Wrap. Uploaded by scpr.kpcc on Flickr. [more...]

As Seen On T.V. Inventors On The Road
March 4, 2010

Gayle Anderson was live in Hollywood with TeleBrands and it's "INVENTOR'S DAY ON THE ROAD." TeleBrands is famous for the products featured in the company's series of television commercials 'AS SEEN ON TV." TeleBrands sponsors "INVENTOR'S DAY" once a month. The next event is the TeleBrands "As Seen On TV" Night at the New Jersey Devils on March 23 (Prudential Center, Newark, NJ).

Usually, the company markets 4 or 5 products per year. Some of these products might be selected from the thousands of new product ideas that inventors send them each year. To find out about our next Inventor's Day, you can send an email to or visit the website:

TeleBrands is a Certified Professional Member of the United Inventors Association ( (UIA), a national non-profit dedicated to inventor education and support. The UIA only awards Certification to firms who agree to comply with rigorous professional and ethical standards.

Products Gayle featured today were: